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Creality Carborundum Glass Platform

Brand: Creality 3D

  • EASY TO REMOVE MODEL WITH 1 MINUTE: The coating of the microporous composite material has a microporous structure, the model easy to remove.
  • HIGH VISCOSITY AND STRONG ADHESION: Composite nano molecule coating has high viscosity after heating, which makes the model have strong adhesion.
  • 0.15MM OF FLATNESS RECOVERY MODEL: Due to the flatness of glass and the uniform composite coating of surface 'lattice', the platform has excellent flatness.
  • WEAR-RESISTANT & SCRATCH-RESISTANT& EASY TO CLEAN: There is a protective film on the surface of the composite coating, which is of anti-scratch and dustproof, etc.
  • GOOD FLATNESS: This is the combination of chemically tempered glass and surface composite coating, which makes the platform have excellent flatness. 
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