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12W Falcon2 Engraver
Delicate 0.06mm Light Spot Laser Engraver 12W Strong Power Laser Cutter Integrated Air Assist Safety Laser Machine Offline Engraving Official Guaranty
$689.99 $551.65
Falcon2 22W Laser Engraver
Thicker Cutting with Stronger Power 25000mm/min Fast for Higher Productivity Groundbreaking Integrated Air Assist Five Safety Protections Triple Monitoring Systems Magical Colorful Engraving All-around Safety Protections User-friendly Designs
$1,099.00 $823.65
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10W CR-Laser Falcon Engraver
0.06mm Compressed Spot for Engraving. Stronger to Cut and Engrave Engrave with Less Hassle 400*415 Larger Workspace Able to Engrave and Cut Various Materials Extensive Compatibility with Multiple Software,File Format and Operating System All-around Safety Protections User-friendly Designs
$459.99 $390.15
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CR-Laser Falcon Engraver 5W
Create Artwork on Multiple Materials: wood,PVC,bamboo,acrylic,matte stainless steel,metallic painted surface,anodized surface,elector-wing surface. Up to 0.1 mm High Precision Quick Focusing Quick and Accurate Starting Point Location Protective to Users' Health Create Artwork on Multiple Materials
$339.00 $271.15
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