Creality Smart Kit WiFi Box / HD Camera

  • INTELLIGENT CLOUD PRINTING: Equipped with high-performance interconnection chips, seamlessly connecting 3D printers with cloud servers, which brings an efficient transmission experience.
  • EFFICIENT TRANSMISSION OF STABLE SIGNALS: Creality Box supports multi-terminal connection, easy to operate, and can quickly transmit the APP commands and slicing files wirelessly to 3D printers. 
  • REAL-TIME REMOTE CONTROL: The 3D printer can be controlled remotely in real-time through the Creality Cloud APP, setting related parameters and the instant printing status can be monitored.
  • EASY CONNECTION FOR WORRY-FREE PRINTING: Connect the 3D printer to the USB port on the Creality Box, then you can start slicing and printing on the Creality Cloud APP, which is simple and easy to use.
  • USE THE CAMERA WITH THE CREALITY BOX: Use the camera together with the Creality Box, the 3D printer can be monitored on the Creality Cloud APP to further control the printer remotely.
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