Creality PEI Print Plate Kit 235x235mm

  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Made of high-quality spring steel, the flexible Steel PEI Sheet won't kink or warp when flex. It can stick well to the magnetic base, can be resistant to 200°C and has high strength no deformation. The soft Magnetic Sticker can withstand a long time of work with the heated bed at a high temperature of 70°C.
  • EASY ADHERE AND REMOVE: Easy to adhere the filaments to the printing bed. No need for tape and glue which release your printing anxiety. Easy to remove the prints just take out the PEI sheet and slightly flex it repeatedly to pop your prints right off.
  • WIDE APPLICATION: The PEI Printing Surface can be compatible with PLA, PETG, PEEK, ABS and any other filaments. Perfect printing size works well with Creality Ender 3/ Ender 3X/Ender 3 Pro/Ender 5/Ender 5 Pro.
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION: Just need to place the bottom 3M adhesive surface on top of the no-heated bed. The steel PEI plate can be magnetically bonded to the magnetic sticker. If it fails to adsorb, please rotate it 90 degrees and try again.
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The Creality PEI Removable Magnetic Flexible Heated Bed Platform is mainly divided into 3 layers:

  1. The first layer is made of PEI material. Smooth surface, good adhesion to various printing materials, especially PLA and ABS, high-temperature resistance.
  2. The second layer is a flexible steel plate, which is specially used to make springs and flexible elements, has strong deformability.
  3. The third layer is the magnetic base,which is made of soft magnetic rubber, soft in texture and has good magnetism and temperate, bure resistance. With 3M adhesive, it can be directly attached to the heated bed platform.


  • Level the bed and set the height of the nozzle before printing.
  • Please use the recommended/usual nozzle and hotbed temperature for printing. If it cannot adhere, please try to change 2 or 3 degrees.
  • The PEI sheet can bear the maximum temperature of the nozzle at 200°C, and the hotbed at 70°C.

Creality 3D Printer PEI Sheet Technical Specifications

MaterialSpring steel + PEI + Magnetic rubberProduct size235*235mm
Steel plate thickness0.4mmProduct weight455g
PEI film thickness0.15mmPackage size290*270*45mm
Soft magnetic rubber thickness1.2mmPackage weight730g
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