Creality CR-X Pro 3D Printer

  • INTEGRATED DESIGN WITH STABLE STRUCTURE: Modularized parts make it possible to easily finish a DIY assembly.
  • BL-TOUCH AUTO-LEVELIGN: BL-touch realizes precise auto-leveling by accurate measurement, adjustment, automatic leveling compensation. The deviation is about 0.005mm.
  • CARBORUNDUM GLASS PLATFORM: It with good adhesion (withstand temperature up to 60℃) is easy to remove the model without glue.
  • DUAL COOLING FANS: Dissipate heat evenly and cool down the nozzle more effectively, stable long-term printing.
  • DUAL EXTRUDER FOR 2 COLORS: Dual extruders in 1 nozzle, which supports mixed color, dual-color, layered color, single color.
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