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Creality3d, Founded in 2014. Focuses on the design, research, production of 3D printers and related products.

Consisting of professional researchers and skilled engineers, our R&D team constantly strives for creative function and excellent user experience.

Crealityvip as a brand agent for the Creality 3D series and Ender series 3D printers and accessories. And allow to use the brand of Creality and Ender.


Create reality, achieve dreams!

As the mission we always mentioned, passing on the spirit of the evangelist, facilitating people to enjoy the convenience of technology.

We intend to enable people to know more about 3d printing technology.

This is how it was. Like us, we don’t even believe that our dreams will become reality. But today, we are here.


The company’s R&D investments on 3d printing cover FDM/resin 3D printers, 3D scanners, filaments, resin, as well as 3D printed drones and robots that back up STEAM education.

Crealityvip, an Online Retailer of Creality3D, provides excellent customer service and after-sales service.

We hope our products will enable you to turn your ideas into reality no matter you are an engineer, a hobbyist or a student.


Our products are all certified to CE, FCC, and ROHS standards, have exported to more than 192 countries including, but not limited to France, the United States of America, Australia, Russia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Singapore, Egypt, and India, bringing technological innovation to all walks of life.

Popular all over the world, satisfy and enjoy the simplicity, joy and convenience brought to life by 3D printing technology.


We never stop thinking and running, because we will try our best to offer you quality products and satisfied service as to meet your expectation. If you have any question, please let us know and contact us as follows:

Toll-free: +86 0755-2100-0749
Address: Room 115, F1, Building T1, Silicon Valley Courtyard, Intersection of Sanlian Road and Qingquan Road, Longhua Street, Longhua New District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China


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