10W CR-Laser Falcon Engraver
0.06mm Compressed Spot for Engraving. Stronger to Cut and Engrave Engrave with Less Hassle 400*415 Larger Workspace Able to Engrave and Cut Various Materials Extensive Compatibility with Multiple Software,File Format and Operating System All-around Safety Protections User-friendly Designs
$459.99 $390.15
12W Falcon2 Engraver
Delicate 0.06mm Light Spot Laser Engraver 12W Strong Power Laser Cutter Integrated Air Assist Safety Laser Machine Offline Engraving Official Guaranty
$689.99 $551.65
ABS Like Resin
  RIGIDITY AND TOUGHNESS: The printed product can be tapped and directly drilled. WIDE COMPATIBILITY: It is compatible with the most LCD/DLP printers. LOW VISCOSITY: It improves success rate by reducing resin release and adhesion, easy to clean the machine...
$69.99 $59.99
Air Assist for Laser Engraver
Powerful Airflow Blows Away Smoke And Dust Effectively Keep Material Surfaces Clean Low Working Noise Easy To Use Application: Falcon 10W
$129.99 $89.99
CR-Laser Falcon Engraver 5W
Create Artwork on Multiple Materials: wood,PVC,bamboo,acrylic,matte stainless steel,metallic painted surface,anodized surface,elector-wing surface. Up to 0.1 mm High Precision Quick Focusing Quick and Accurate Starting Point Location Protective to Users' Health Create Artwork on Multiple Materials
$339.00 $271.15
Creality CR-30 3D Printer
INFINITE-Z-AXIS: Infinitely print duplicate models on the Z axis, big printing size can support large prints or production lines producing smaller parts. RESUME PRINTING: CR-30 can resume printing from the last recorded extruder position after power outages or interruption of the filament. ROLLING CONVEYOR BELT: The CR-30...
Creality Ender-3 3D Printer
RESUME PRINTING FUNCTION: Ender 3 has the ability to resume printing even after a power outage or lapse occurs. EASY AND QUICK ASSEMBLY: This printer comes with several assembled parts, you only need about 2 hours to assemble 20 nuts well. ADVANCED EXTRUDER TECHNOLOGY: Upgraded extruder...
Creality 3D Official Printer Ender 3 Dual Z-axis Upgrade Kit
 Asin: B09N8QQDSP Increased Accuracy:Compared with original structure, dual Z-axis kit reduces the layer ripple caused by Z-axis vibration, avoiding backlog of filament thoroughly, which improves stability of 3D printing and increases the printing performance of 3D printer. Stable Performance: Compared with...
$42.00 $38.98
Creality 3D Printer Enclosure
CONSTANT TEMPERATURE ENVIRONMENT: The 3D Printer Enclosure keeps a constant temperature printing environment, reducing the bad impact to printed models when low-temperature weather, improving printing stability. KEEP SAFE PRINTING: The external flame-retardant material and the internal pure aluminum film are made to...
$109.00 $89.00
Creality 3D Printer Resin Vat
METAL FRAME: Aluminum alloy metal mainframe, simple structure and easy to use beautiful appearance. Filaments Tray Cleaning Easily: FEP release film, double-layer clamping is not loosened, and the service life is prolonged. HUMANIZED DESIGN: The outer frame design with large...
$50.99 $45.99
Creality BL Touch Auto Leveling Kit
HIGH-PERFORMANCE KIT: Can easily realize automatic bed leveling,bl touch sensor can be perfectly applied to any surface,can automatically adjust the plane,metal/wood/glass/etc. HIGH PRECISION: The accuracy difference of the table is small, about 0.005mm.The 3D printer automatically detects the surface of...
$55.99 $45.99
Creality Capricorn PTFE Teflon Tube kit
COMPATIBLE WITH CREALITY 3D PRINTER:The Capricorn Bowden PTFE Tubing XS Series 1 Meter for 1.75mm Filament. Ender-3 all series,Ender-5 all series,Ender-6,CR-10,CR-10S,CR-10 V2,CR-10 V3,CR-10 S4,CR-10 S5. PNEUMATIC JOINT & CIRCLIP: Good elasticity and durability. It can be pulled out gently by...
$15.99 von $12.69
Creality Carborundum Glass Platform
EASY TO REMOVE MODEL WITH 1 MINUTE: The coating of the microporous composite material has a microporous structure, the model easy to remove. HIGH VISCOSITY AND STRONG ADHESION: Composite nano molecule coating has high viscosity after heating, which makes the...
$25.00 $18.00
Creality Castable Jewelry Resin
HIGH ACCURACY & SMOOTH SURFACE: Delicate detail, restore printing. BETTER PRINTING: Low shrink rate, stability, and no deformation GOOD MATERIAL: Green, environmental-friendly, healthy. STRONG COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with most LCD/DLP 3d printers MULTIPLE COLORS: Yellow, Skin Tone, White, Grey, Blue, Orange,...
Creality CR Touch Auto Leveling Kit
STRONG COMPATIBILITY: It is compatible with more 3D printer platforms, more stable. METAL PROBE: Upgraded CR Touch reduces wear and tear and greatly prolongs its service life. COST-EFFECTIVE: Higher precision and low power consumption, multi-point detection and smart compensation. EASY TO...
$49.00 von $39.00
Creality CR-10 smart 3D Printer
A BIT MORE INTELLIGENCE: CR-10 Smart 3d printer supports both WIFI & RJ45 wired network connection. You can easily slice 3D models, remote control your printers, and print an object whenever and wherever with your phone. ULTRA-SILENT DESIGN: Self-developed 32-bit patented...
$499.00 $479.00
Creality CR-10S Pro V2 3D Printer
BL-TOUCH INCLUDED: Matrix Automatic Leveling. And the Creality CR-10 Pro V2 3d printer will automatically measure the height of 9 unique points on the heated bed to determine the ideal settings for perfect prints every time.  FILAMENT SENSOR: Creality CR-10S Pro V2 3d printer has a newly-added...
$696.00 $636.00
Creality CR-6 SE 3D Printer
INNOVATIVE LEVELING-FREE TECH: Featuring an innovative leveling-free device, which is designed with a smart pressure sensor, greatly improving bed adhesion and print quality. SILENT MOTHERBOARD WITH TRINAMIC DRIVER: A silent chipset is added to FDM 3D printer, which makes the extruder fans are much quieter compared with...
$429.00 $409.00
Creality CR-X Pro 3D Printer
INTEGRATED DESIGN WITH STABLE STRUCTURE: Modularized parts make it possible to easily finish a DIY assembly. BL-TOUCH AUTO-LEVELIGN: BL-touch realizes precise auto-leveling by accurate measurement, adjustment, automatic leveling compensation. The deviation is about 0.005mm. CARBORUNDUM GLASS PLATFORM: It with good adhesion (withstand temperature...
$499.00 $399.00
Creality Ender-3 Max 3D Printer
UPGRADED 32-BIT SILENT MOTHERBOARD: This Creality Ender-3 Max 3D Printer is equipped with Advanced Built-in 32-bit Silent Motherboard. No noise with great printing effect. DIY UPGRADABEL NOZZLE KIT: Reserved space for DIY upgrades like BL-Touch for Auto Leveling and Filament...
$399.00 $329.00
Creality Ender-3 Pro 3D Printer
REMOVABLE BUILD SURFACE PLATE: Provide all-round protection and ensure consistent temperature throughout the build surface. Easy to remove the printing models after cooling. SAFE POWER SUPPLY: Ender 3 Pro comes with a UL Certified power supply, protecting printer from unexpected power...
$420.00 $320.00
Creality Ender-3 S1 3D Printer
"SPRITE" DIRECT DUAL-GEAR EXTRUDER: The "Sprite" is lighter and features less inertia and more precise positioning, supporting PLA/TPU/PETG/ABS print filaments. QUICK ASSEMBLING: 96% of the printer body is pre-installed, making assembling extremely convenient with only 6 steps and the maintenance...
$499.00 $429.00
Creality Ender-3 V2 3D Printer
UPGRADED 32-BIT SILENT MOTHERBOARD: This Creality Ender-3 V2 3D printer has stronger anti-interference, more stable and silent printing motion performance,  no big noise. RESUME PRINTING FUNCTION: Resume printing from the last recorded extruder position after power outages or interruption of...
$299.00 $259.00
Creality Ender-5 Plus 3D Printer
ULTRA LARGE PRINTING FORMAT: 350X350X400mm | Meet more of your printing requirements, enable more ideas to be printed out, and a larger print model at a time. BL TOUCH PRE-INSTALLED: Creality Ender-5 Plus 3D printer with BL Touch as configured....
$699.00 $599.00

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