3D Printing & Traditional Festival

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Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional festival of China, usually, we will celebrate this traditional festival with making and eating “zongzi”, a traditional Chinese rice dumpling and racing the dragon boat. 

Origin: The First Patriotic Poet in Chinese Literature and History—Qu Yuan
His talent and education background gave him the aspiration to contribute to his own country through his prominent capability.
However, his talent and enlightened strategy were being excluded and framed by the aristocratic power, and finally exiled to the regions south of the Yangtze River.

 3d printing vs traditional manufacturing

But in 278 B.C., when Qin army broke through Yindu, capital of the State of Chu, he threw himself at his 63 into the Miluo River—the biggest river of Binhu District of South Dongting Lake, located in Hunan Province—with stone to express his leashed patriotic passion for his home country.

It is said that people rushed after him from the eastern shores of Dongting Lake in dragon boats, banging drums and throwing rice dumplings into the river so fish would eat them and not Qu's body. The rice dumpling and dragon boat race on lunar May 5th later become a tradition from then on, and is followed until now to commemorate this first patriotic poet in history.

How the 3D Printing Refresh a Traditional Festival

3d printing vs traditional manufacturing

To this day, in many areas near rivers, lakes and seas in the south, dragon boat races with local characteristics are held every year during the Dragon Boat Festival.

However,the traditional dragon boat manufacturing process is complicated, and the manufacturing time of a dragon boat is 6-7 days.

Yet, the 3D printed dragon boat production is very simple—only takes a slicing software, and a 3D printer.

First you just need to open the slicing software, select the dragon boat model, and then adjust the parameters for slicing, then import it into the machine, and finally select the file for printing.

Moreover, the 3D printing technology also renders it more texture smoothness that traditional craftsmanship can not be compared with.

You can also print the rice dumpling and other ornaments with the 3D printer to put on the boat as well.

3d printing vs traditional manufacturing

At the same way, you can use 3D printing make Jack-O-Lantern by yourself and enjoy it with your friends when the Halloween is coming.

With the development of 3D printing,life can be more effort-saving,seemingly,the festival features and entertaining campaign we relish just needs a 3D printer at home!

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