Unexpected 3D Printing Works-Daily Decorations

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Curved Honeycomb Vase

 Unexpected 3D Printing Works-Daily Decorations|Curved Honeycomb Vase

Source: Thingiverse

The curved honeycomb vase flower pot has a cool and unique geometric texture pattern. No matter which color filament you use, this tactile design will make the final result truly popular.

Using a 3D printer, you can harvest a lot of flower pots with different shapes designed and made by yourself. Heartbeat?

Chameleon Pen Holder

Unexpected 3D Printing Works-Daily Decorations|Chameleon Pen Holder

Source: Thingiverse

what is this? It looks like a small lizard lying on the cylinder. What else is it like? Pen holder? Yes, it is indeed a pen holder. A little bit of exotic wild animals can be placed on your desk as well as your pen.

Pens are so difficult to store or display, but 3D printing provides a lot of ideas for stylish and interesting pen holders. It gave us unexpected usefulness and beauty.


Unexpected 3D Printing Works-Daily Decorations|Plantygons

Source: Cults

Will you use ceramic pots or plastic pots to grow flowers? neither. If it were me, I would choose my own DIY flower pot. Exquisite, beautiful and creative.

The picture above is a stacking modular geometric flowerpot, specially designed for growing succulents.

It can be arranged in many different configurations to allow discharge from one compartment to another, depending on your preference. This can add some color to your home.

Bernini's David

Unexpected 3D Printing Works-Daily Decorations|Bernini's David

Source: MyMiniFactory

As one of the greatest works of the 17th century, Bernini's David sculpture is worth seeing. However, you have no way to own the David sculpture and place it in your home.

With the continuous development of 3D printing technology, we can now use it to print different things. The small David sculpture was printed by a resin 3D printer, exquisite and beautiful.

Nuke Lamp

Unexpected 3D Printing Works-Daily Decorations|Nuke Lamp

Source: Thingverse

Want a nice and bright bedside lamp? Enjoy the soothing light from a small nuclear explosion in your living space. It looks like clouds and the light is warm.

This is a cloud bedside lamp printed by a 3D printer. Putting it in the bedroom makes people feel at ease and feels happy.

Toy Pumping Paper

Unexpected 3D Printing Works-Daily Decorations|Toy Pumping Paper

Source: Thingverse

When you go to the toilet, you see a toy handing you paper. Will you feel very happy? When you twitch the tissue, the toy is still smiling at you.

This paper-pumping toy is a 3D printed product, rich in colors and cute look, adding vitality to your toilet. Want to own it? Buy a 3D printer for DIY!

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