The Best 3d Printing (一)

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Are you nervous about education of your kids? Childhood is the best time for one to develop his or her creavity, which helps them to better prepare for the future competitive job market and improve themselves. 3d PRINTIGN supports it.

the best 3d printing for education

When children have wonderful idea, they can do it by owning the full 3d printing process-from ideas to production. For one things, 3d printing develops their confidence by making production on their own. For another thing, 3d printing makes full use of their spare time on creating instead of playing computer games.


Have you seen that bathing from water coming out of the cartoon mouth? A guy use best 3d printing make a T-Rex dinosaur shower head and installed it in the bathroom. Do you want to have a shower head of dog, Disney Princess, Kongfu Panda or Peppa Pig?

If you feel like the experience such a shower is awesome, then come on!

the best 3d printing for shower head

The 3d printed shower head was a good choice for those interested to take their bathing experience to a good quality. Children will certainly love it.


Phone stand can be used everywhere, which is convenience for our life. We can use it on the train, on the high speed railway and so on. Are you interested in making a 3d printed phone stand with adjustable angle? Here comes to a video about screw adjustable phonw stand printed by Creality Ender 3 Pro.

That so cool! It can meet your need of any comfortable angle you want.

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