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Do you know that 3D scans of shark intestines find Nikola Tesla’s one-way valve?


Recently, 3D scans of shark intestines reveal a bizarre design. For the first time, scientists developed 3D scans of shark intestines to learn how they digest what they eat.

The scans reveal an intestinal structure that looks awfully familiar — it looks like a Tesla valve.

The structure may allow sharks to better survive long breaks between feasts .And people know a little about the predators even for scientists. Most think that sharkes are solitary creatures and they like searching food alone. But now, they are seem like quite social.


Summers is co-author of a new study that has produced the first 3D scans of a shark's intestines, which turns out to have a strange, corkscrew structure. What's even more bizarre is that it resembles the amazing one-way valve designed by inventor Nikola Tesla in 1920. The research is published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.


What a 3D model reveals?


According to the study's lead author Samantha Leigh, "It's high time that some modern technology was used to look at these really amazing spiral intestines of sharks. We developed a new method to digitally scan these tissues, and now can look at the soft tissues in such great detail without having to slice into them".


What's more?

The researchers plan to use 3D printing to produce models about shark intestine design, and they hope to utilize these models in industry by cooperating  with engineers,  which perhaps for the treatment of wastewater or for filtering microplastics.

  3D SCANNING TECHNOLOGY about industry


Do you know what can we do if we have a 3d scanner?

 Have a look!--Creality Scanner CR-Scan 01

Let me show you with High-Precision Creality 3D Scanner as an example.


Scanner 3d creality magic swift (cr-scan 01)

The Creality 3D scanner has a high-performance embedded computing capabilities, is portable and easy to use. Whether you are an industrial engineer who needs an solution for reverse engineering, or a doctor who needs to efficiently produce prosthetic equipment, 3D scanning can help you achieve your goals. 3D scanning technology is also applicable to archaeology and cultural relic protection. As a virtual reality game developer, Hollywood special effects artist and talented art designer, you can also use this 3D scanner to bring miracles into the world of art and design.



Scanner 3d creality magic swift (cr-scan 01) is available for handheld mode and turntable mode.

Scanner 3d creality magic swift (cr-scan 01)-3


Scanning accuracy of up to 0.1 mm provides high accuracy of 3D modeling even for large objects.



A high-precision matching algorithm based on color and structural features achieves automatic composition of function of multi-posture scanning.



The built-in color camera with 24 bit high-fidelity color restoration supports full color texture capturing.



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