Germany's First 3D Printed House Completed

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Many countries around the world are advancing the construction of 3D printed houses, and some have begun to move in. Seeing these cases, do you also look forward to printing a small 3D printed villa of your own one day?

Germany's First 3D Printed House Completed | Creality 3D printer A small villa

On August 9, 2021, the first 3D printed house in Germany was officially completed recently, which has become a hot topic in the city.

This 160-square-meter building has two floors, which not only caused a sensation in the construction industry, but also won the 2021 "German Innovation Award".

This single-family villa was built with concrete 3D printing technology, proving that 3D printing technology has reached market maturity.

Judging from the facade of the wall, it clearly stands out from other buildings: the pattern of the additive-manufactured concrete layer is clearly visible, and the shape of the house is round without edges or corners.

The building was planned by the regional architectural office Mense-Korte, and the PERI Group finally turned the plan into reality with the help of Hous3Druck.

It was completed 8 months later, and all participants were satisfied with the completion of the project, which heralded a new era.

Germany's First 3D Printed House Completed| Creality 3D printer Pour concrete

Concrete 3D printing will become a permanent feature of the construction industry. The 3D printed house in Beckum, Germany is a good example of this type of project.

Germany's First 3D Printed House Completed| Creality 3D printer House internal structure

Let's look at the interior of the house again. The gray concrete layer and circular shape dominate the interior.

In the room, there is a fireplace or bathtub made of concrete. The future owner of the house, Lisa-Maria Hanhues, plans to move in in 2023. Prior to this, the building in Beckum will serve as an exhibition hall.

Hanhues, the younger sister of the managing partner of Hous3Druck, said at the inauguration ceremony of her new home: "I am surprised."

In addition to the unusual style, this house also offers other advantages: it is an intelligent building, and the temperature is passed through the ground. Regulated by the heat pump, all functions can be controlled by touching a button.

Germany's First 3D Printed House Completed| Creality 3D printer assembly site

According to PERI, BOD2 can produce 1 meter of concrete per second, making it the fastest 3D concrete printer on the market. For example, it takes 5 minutes per square meter to print a double wall.

Germany's First 3D Printed House Completed| Creality 3D printer Bathroom environment

Additive manufacturing is increasingly being accepted as a pioneering technology in the construction industry.

This project in North Rhine-Westphalia has received 200,000 Euro support from the innovative construction funding project.

At the opening ceremony of the 3D printed house, Minister Ina Scharrenbach said: "

With the emergence of the first 3D printed residential building in Germany, there has been positive pressure in the construction industry: innovative buildings with new technologies are used in the construction profession.

Greater attraction, and new styles of modern architecture. Now we need to accumulate architectural experience and establish manufacturing processes in the market, because only more housing can provide affordable rent."


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