3D Printing Technology Changes Animal's Lives

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In a short time, many animals with lack of arms and legs can only wait to die. Even if they are adopted by well-wishers, they cannot walk or eat normally. With the development of prosthesis technology, especially after the emergence of 3D printing technology, many animals can be fitted with custom prostheses and live like healthy animals.

Creality 3D Printer changes lives-3D printer saves the puppy

🧸Using 3D printing technology to perform surgery on puppy🧸

Sophi is a 7-year-old Yorkshire Terrier with unstable first and second cervical vertebrae. Yorkshire terriers are small dogs.

Generally this kind of puppy weighs 2-3 kg, while Sophi only has 1.4 kg.Everyone must know the importance of the spine to the human body. Only by implanting fillers in his vertebrae can the poor little guy be reborn.

Creality 3D Printer changes lives-3D printer saves the puppy

Dr. Sorjonen, Professor Emeritus of Neurology and Neurosurgery, brought a new life to this puppy.He performed a CT scan of Sophi's neck and studied the actual size of the bones on the puppy's neck.

After designing the physical model of the puppy's vertebrae in 3D, he accurately measured the order plates and screws of the cervical spine and then repaired Sophi's cervical spine.

Creality 3D Printer changes lives-3D printer saves the puppy

Because there was already a model for implant simulation, it was not only accurate but also shortened the operation time. Now Sophi has recovered and her gait has greatly improved.

🧸Using 3D printing technology to make feet for African penguins🧸

There is an African penguin, Purps, who has difficulty walking and is on the verge of extinction. A few years ago, Purps injured his left leg in a fight with another penguin.

 After examining the injury, the veterinarian found that the flexor tendon of Purps' ankle was torn and he would not be able to walk normally. Although veterinarians tried various methods, Purps never fully recovered the ability to walk and move normally.

A few days ago, the aquarium in Connecticut, the ACT Group, and local residents worked together to use 3D printing technology to print out prosthetic feet so that Purps could walk again.

The students heard that Purps was injured and thought it was necessary to take steps to get her to walk again. Therefore, under the guidance of experts, they are ready to find a suitable solution.

Creality 3D Printer changes lives-3D printer saves penguins

Finally, the high school students successfully designed a foot based on the mold of Purps' injured foot. This process involves many steps, including scanning the mold with a 3D scanner, generating its digital model, and then modifying the digital design to create a model of the foot.

The 3D modeling is done with software from 3D Systems. The final foot is printed out of various soft and hard materials at one time, and the final result is completely matched, and it is easy to install, light in weight, strong and durable.

Creality 3D Printer changes lives-3D printer saves penguins

Purps, who got the prosthetic feet, got the chance to walk again, and was very happy for the moment he went to the ground, and even jumped up. And when they saw Purps regaining mobility under the guidance of the 3D printed prosthetic feet they designed, these young students were also very happy.

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