Creality Ender-7 3D Printer
HIGH-SPEED PRINTING, INVIGORATING POWER: The normal printing speed of Ender-7 3d printer is up to 250mm/s, good quality under high-speed printing. LINEAR RAIL, HIGHER PRECISION: Utilizing linear rail technology to reduce movement resistance to a lower level, high precision positioning,...
Creality Capricorn PTFE Teflon Tube kit
COMPATIBLE WITH CREALITY 3D PRINTER:The Capricorn Bowden PTFE Tubing XS Series 1 Meter for 1.75mm Filament. Ender-3 all series,Ender-5 all series,Ender-6,CR-10,CR-10S,CR-10 V2,CR-10 V3,CR-10 S4,CR-10 S5. PNEUMATIC JOINT & CIRCLIP: Good elasticity and durability. It can be pulled out gently by...
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