The First 3D Printed Car in the World


When it comes to 3d printing, more and more people know a lot about the 3d printing technology. Do you know why? Because there are many objects can be printed by 3d printer, from toys and house, food even a car, which has strong power to change our life.


Applications of 3d Printing

3D printing also plays an extremely important role in modern industry, for example  tooling aids, visual and functional prototypes — and even end-use parts, which brings a lot of benefits to Aerospace & Defence.

The First 3D Printed Car for Aerospace

3D printing, particularly with metals. It allows engineers to innovate the design of rocket parts and manufacture them in a shorter time frame.


The First 3D Printed Car

Do you believe that the car with any shape you like can be printed by a 3d printer? Next, we'll have a look together how 3d printed cars are made.

Recently, Hackrod, a digital manufactory company imagine that car lover can design their own cars by the technology leveraging VR and 3d printing. That may need a lot of effort to realize, but the company does have an example of such a car. The La Bandita Speedster is printed in 5556 aluminum alloy and boasts an ergonomic cockpit that was produced in VR, which is the collaborative effort of Hackrod and Siemens.

The First 3D Printed Car in the World-2

Step 1: Create and design the car in VR by using machine learning in order to improve the creation process.

Step 2:  When you have conceptual part,  then you can print your car model by using 3d printing.

 The First 3D Printed Car in the World-3

There is one thing worth to mention that the chassis is printed using a hybrid metal disposition/CNC machine that uses 2319 Aerospace grade aluminum for maximum strength and minimal weight. All these things demonstrated that the power of virtual reality, AI engineering, and 3d printing.


Do You Want to Have a 3d Printed Car Model?

If you would like to print the car model but you can't do as well as the above, what kind of Creality 3D printer can meet your need?

 The First 3D Printed Car in the World-4

The Creality Ender-6 se printer is recommended strongly to print out the car model for meeting your need.

3D Printed Car Model made by Creality-1

"A printer to be reckoned with, the CR-6 SE integrates many of the previous DIY upgrades that users liked to add to their other Creality printers, including auto bed leveling (ABL), a glass build plate, belt tensioners, dual Z-axis motors, a printhead LED, a quick-action extruder, a silent mainboard, a filament runout sensor, and more." The review from ALL3DP.


What advantages of intelligent Auto Leveling about Creality CR 6 SE printer?

  • solve the problems of uneven bed
  • good adhesion
  • avoid nozzle clogging
  • automatically adjust the uneven hotbed


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