The Best 3d Printing (二)


For medical

Headband for face shields

Face shields plays an important role when the COVD-19 rage across the world, which can protect our face from direct exposure to contaminants.  But there is one point need to pay attention that is face shields do need to be fitted with other PPE  such as masks so that the face can be protected fully.

 3d technology near medical

The process of making face shields is not simple, so it can't meet the need of market at that time. However,  with the occurs of 3d printing, the frame of a face shield can easily be printed out. Thanks for 3d technology so that we can produce face shield in short time, and it can protect us effectively from COVD-19. 3d printer saves our time and money in this way, why not?


Personalized Game Pieces

We usually use 3d printer to print our favorite toys or sculptures in spare time, so it is easy to connect it with other board games, tabletop role-playing games.

3d printing technology near personalize game


Now, more and more people tend to design their own chess set with personalized versions of the pieces. The productions made by factory just cater the masses, and it is impossible to meet your need of imagination fully. So 3d technology realizes your dream, get it!


For creation

Gyrostabilized Spherical Vehicle

Do you think that it is amazing for a guy to design a Vehicle like this--Cyrostabilized Spherical Vehicle. To be honest, i can't wait to see the detail of this amazing building. It can ballance well while moving so that i convinced that this technical feat has thorough explanation and design justification.

3d printing technology near vehicle


Are you looking forward to this wonderful design? And if you have any good ideas about the best 3d printing, please share it below.


For example, there is a video about the Gyro Stabilized 3D Printed RC Car!!


Moreover, you can get more information about 3d technology or new arrivals of 3d printers by clicking the link.


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