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The emergence of 3D printers has greatly improved the way people produce and manufacture. It is different from the traditional manufacturing method of removing materials.

It uses additive manufacturing to improve the design ideas of designers and can manufacture more complex structures.

With the continuous improvement of 3D printing technology, its application has also penetrated into all aspects of medical treatment, food processing, handicraft production, national defense and military.

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Today's society is a rapidly developing information age, and 3D printing technology is one of the products of this highly efficient era.

3D printing has greatly subverted people's cognition since its first appearance. It is different from traditional manufacturing methods that are commonly used to remove materials.

It uses additive manufacturing, which greatly saves raw materials. When 3D printing is applied to design work, it glows with its unique charm.

Traditional design often requires a lot of financial resources to open the mold, and the 3D printer can directly print the model designed by the staff, which not only improves the design efficiency, but also saves the design cost.

 With the development of technology, the structure of 3D printing has shown a variety of mainstream structures, and its applications have also penetrated into all aspects of society.

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Among them, in the handicraft industry, 3D printing, a high-tech technology, can print out the handicrafts that people envision at a faster speed, which greatly meets people's needs.

At the same time, 3D printing crafts can improve the design needs of businesses and meet the aesthetics of consumers.

For the product reverse design, sample preparation and proofing, etc., it shortens the development time of new products and saves the cost of sample preparation.

Only Unexpected,Nothing Impossible 3D printer printing work 3D printing crafts- Creality3d

The 3D printer consists of two parts: a mechanical system and a control system. Among them, the mechanical system includes an integral frame, a structure capable of moving up and down, left and right, forward and backward directions, a stage for placing printed items, and an extrusion mechanism for melting and extruding materials.

The existing motion structure generally adopts a rail slide block transmission mechanism, which can realize fast and accurate movement, is low in price, and has strong applicability.

Only Unexpected,Nothing Impossible 3D printer printing work 3D printing crafts- Creality3d

The control system generally includes power supply, control panel, and human-computer interaction interface. Among them, the control board is mostly controlled by a single-chip microcomputer, and the control program is partly open source and can be easily found on the Internet.

The human-computer interaction interface is an interface that enables people to operate the printer on the display screen. Its internal program is also compiled by professionals.

Its purpose is to allow an ordinary person to operate the 3D printer smoothly. Print out what you want.

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When working, first design the model you want on the computer and copy the model to the internal program of the printer.

Using solid thermoplastic molding material as the raw material for printing, the wire feeding mechanism continuously feeds the wire into the extrusion mechanism, and is heated to a molten state in the heating chamber, and then extruded from the nozzle.

The extrusion mechanism is in the X-Y axis motion system. Driven by the calculated path to print layer by layer, the molten wire adheres to the printed wire of the previous layer under its viscosity and nozzle extrusion, and quickly cools and solidifies into a whole.

When one layer is printed The rear worktable descends one layer along the Z axis, and prints layer by layer according to this process until the entire workpiece is finally completed.

Only Unexpected,Nothing Impossible 3D printer operation process chocolate printing- Creality3d

Since its emergence, 3D printers have experienced rapid development. Its application areas are becoming wider and wider, key technologies are becoming more mature, production costs are getting lower and lower, and printing speeds are getting faster and faster.

We believe that in the future 3D printing industry will give people The production and life of the company have brought great leaps forward.


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