How to Maintain Your Creality 3D Printer?


 Are you worried that after purchasing a 3D printer, there will be problems that cannot be solved in time, affecting efficiency and wasting time?

In order to solve this problem, Creality has shot a lot of after-sales videos so that customers can find a solution to this problem when they encounter a problem.

How to clean the hose?

How to replace the nozzle?

There are some common FAQs:

1: How to solve the problem of nozzle leakage?

1) Heat the nozzle to 230 degrees Celsius and maintain the same temperature. Take out the nozzle kit, and then take out the heating block and throat respectively. After removing, the nozzle can be heated to a lower temperature. 

2) Prepare a bottle of red glue, apply the red glue to the thread of the throat, let it stand for 1 minute, then reinstall the throat and heating block, and then install the nozzle kit back to the original position with a small amount;

3) If you still have the same problem, please contact after-sales customer service.

2: Why does the machine always make abnormal noises when it is moving?

1) Apply grease/lubricating oil on the polished rod regularly;

2) Check whether the screw on the top of the polished rod is loose and re-lock it; the polished rod is not parallel and may bend if it is severely impacted.

3) You can contact the after-sales staff for help.

3: How to deal with the problem that the card slot cannot read the card? 

1) The print file is damaged; it should be sliced​again.          

2) The characters of the printed file are too long, and the characters should be controlled within 8 letters. 

3) The file name is not in English/numbers. 

4) Format the memory card or replace with a new memory card.          

5) If the slot is damaged, contact the manufacturer for after-sales assistance.


If your 3D printer encounters some very difficult problems, you can visit and click on Messenger to find after-sales service or send the problem to, our professionals will provide you with special solutions .

We hope you have no worries about printing!

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