Digital Sculpture Is Here!


Hello, guys! Have you heard about digital sculpture?--Never mind, here we go!

What is digital sculpture?

Digital sculpting is also named 3d sculpting, which is widely used by artists on computer to sculpt a work of art with material like digitized clay. It is easy to get detailed sculpts that mimic real life object or imagination in our mind, if you have suitable software.

digital sculpture-1

The artists begin with wide,  broad manipulation like a traditional sculptor, and then move onto detailed work by increasing the polygon count. A digital sculpture will be finished from 40 minutes to hundreds of hours that depends on the degree of details. Now, do you have a general concept of digital sculpture?


Digital sculpting for historical representation: Neville tomb case study  (research by Ertu Unver)

3D printing uses the method of additive manufacturing, the process of joining materials to make physical objects from 3D model data.

digital sculpture of history presentation

The 3d printing can be used for who do a research of heritage as a heritage model, and used for  those with visual impairment as tactile objects. Besides, digital sculptures can be avaliable to heritage merchandise for sale or for the production of full scale replicas.


A story about digital sculptor-Jisoo Kim

Jisoo kim is come from .S.Korea,  an outstanding digital sculptor.

He has his own workshop called “JS-ALMIGHTY" where he creates all kinds of creative and adorable sculptures.

Here I wants to share some of lovely pieces of artwork created by Jisoo kim. Most of his pieces are really adorable!

 digital sculpture-2

He has started his journey of digital sculpting for a long time. He said that he was just getting interested in  3D sculpting, so he started sculpting and resin printing for about 3 years. For the most time, he often create large-sized statues, and he also create small and cute statues too. Are you curious about where does he get his inspiration from?

digital sculpture about inspiration

Yep, most of his inspiration comes from the friends or strangers around his life, which is much like some traditonal aritists. It is a ture that life is the mother of our inspiration. However, it doesn't happen usual. So, he need materail of his favorite Korean dramas, games, and movies. Finally, he will show his digital sculptures in his own unique style.

3D sculpting - Modeling characters and organic shapes for 3D printing

There is a funny video about digital sculpting, hoping you guys will love it.



Do you want to know more details about 3d printing, please follow me!


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