3D Printable Miniatures for Tabletop Gaming


The world of 3d printing is really fantastic, you name it,  and you can print it, whatever for cars, animal, characters of cartoon, planet, plant or miniatures for tabletop gaming. Now, do you think that 3d printers has a magic? I think that 3D printed tabletop games is one of the most interesting things for me, and you? Because if you is good 3d desinger, you can have a unforgettable experience of the 3D printed tabletop miniatures.

 new world of 3D printed tabletop miniatures

Come in the new world of 3D printed tabletop game!


3D Design by The Dragon Trappers Lodge

3D printed tabletop miniatures of lila

You can print lila the Elf Ranger, and you can customise her pose and the platform she is standing on. You can print the miniatures of your favourite hero and put them on your desk.


3D design of the dice

3D printed tabletop miniatures of dice

Have you want to change the shape of dice when you played it in your board game? The shape of dice is cubic in usual. If you have the passion for the 3d Tabletop Gaming, you can try to customise your dice of different styles.


3D design of Tippi Tree

Many people paly the tippi tree with family and friends while pandemic across the world.You can print any shape of tippi tree, and you can build your tippi trees in 16 ways, so cool. It is really crazy tree.

3D printed tabletop miniatures of tippi tree

The specific shape was able to connect and stack. Moreover, you can print a bunch of this list, and you can print the list of light color and dark color. And it is a good present for a person who is coming up with his birthday. How fun it can be! You can call it printing play.


3D design of Stargrave Crew - Cyborgs and robots created in blender for 3D printed tabletop gaming



Recently, a guy makes special printings which are so amazing looking. He said that those robots are a little bit of wired in his design, such as kungfu robot, which is printable and is really thin and doesn't work. He printed a crew of cyborg and robot miniatures, which is suitable for tabletop gaming.


Get start! There’s no better way to bring your games to life.-3D Printable Miniatures for Tabletop Gaming

If you are interested in 3d printing and want to have a 3d printer to be used in Tabletop Gaming, please click the link below!


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