3D Food Printing! What Food Materials Can be Printed?


What is food 3D printing?
3D food printer is a machine that can print food. It does not use in cartridges, but puts food materials and ingredients into the container in advance. Then we will enter the recipe, and the rest of the cooking process will be done by it. The output is not file after file, but food can be eaten.

 What Food Materials Can be Printed-the first one| Creality 3D Printer

😋Carbohydrate Printing

Relatively speaking, 3D printing of carbohydrates can print more food materials and types. For example, there are currently carrageenan, pectin, starch, rice noodles, biscuits, pasta, mashed potatoes, purple potato mash, red bean paste, custard, lotus paste, fondant, meringue frosting, marzipan, chewing gum, toffee, soft candy , Jams, honey, maple syrup, etc.

 What Food Materials Can be Printed-Carbohydrate Printing| Creality 3D Printer

😋Fat Printing

At present, the fatty foods that can be used for 3D printing include chocolate, cheese, butter, and whipped cream. Among them, chocolate is a typical fat-type printable food material, and it has achieved industrial production at home and abroad.

What Food Materials Can be Printed-Fat Printing| Creality 3D Printer 

😋Protein Printing

The protein food materials currently available for 3D printing include gelatin, concentrated milk protein, egg white protein, sodium caseinate, minced meat, insect protein, microalgal protein, legume protein, bacterial protein, plant-based artificial meat, enzymes, etc. . With the popularity of plant-based artificial meat at home and abroad, 3D printing artificial meat is also taking advantage of the trend.

 What Food Materials Can be Printed-Protein Printing| Creality 3D Printer

3D Printing Artificial Meat

What Food Materials Can be Printed-3D printing artificial meat| Creality 3D Printer

😋Dietary Fiber Printing

At present, the dietary fiber materials that can be used for 3D printing include pectin, fruit and vegetable mixtures and so on.

 What Food Materials Can be Printed-Dietary Fiber Printing| Creality 3D Printer

😋Functional Ingredient Printing

The functional ingredients involve 3D printing of lemon juice (vitamin C), probiotics, concentrated orange juice (vitamin D added), etc.

 What Food Materials Can be Printed-Functional Ingredient Printing| Creality 3D Printer

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